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New Livestock Equipment Photos and Information

Price: 150lb Mini-Creep Feeder is $325.00.

Mini Creep Feeder

     This creep feeder holds 150 lbs. of grain.  It has a roller gate on the front that adjusts every 2" so that the openings can be made 4", 6" or 8". This creep feeder is 36" long by 24" wide and 30" tall on 4" legs and it is all galvanized.


     Price: Creep Feeder Panel is $94.00.

New Style of Creep Feeder Panel
Roller Bar Entry Door

     This new creep panel opening is now adjustable with removable "roller bars".  By removing the center bar, you have one opening 4" wide and then by removing the two side bars and leaving the center, you have two openings 4 .5" wide.


Price: Mini Feeder is $49.00

Mini Hay and Grain Feeder

     This is the new mini hay and grain feeder.  It is half the width of our current show pen feeder and works much better for miniature horses.  There is more distance between the hay and the pan so livestock can get their head in and out better.


Price: 12' Heavy Duty Wall Feeder is $560.00
                10' Heavy Duty Wall Feeder is $490.00

Heavy Duty Cattle/Horse Wall
Hay and Grain Feeder

     This feeder is heavy duty at 12' long x 45" tall and 24" wide with a 7" deep trough.  We can also make this feeder in other lengths.


     Price: "Hay Barn" is $235.00

Round Bale Rain Cover, the "Hay Barn"

     This is a simple but effective feeder to keep round bales dry. The bale sits on it's end so it will un-roll as they eat it. 



  Price: 8' Wild Hog LiveTrap is $455.00
                16" Wild Hog Live Trap is $845.00

Wild Hog Live Trap

     Wild hogs are in many areas becoming a farmer and hunter's nightmare. The trap pictured is 16' long but can also be made in 8' length.  All of these traps are 4' tall and 4' wide with feed trough and one way gate.  This trap can catch as many wild hogs as it can hold (as opposed to other traps on the market that can only catch one or two before the gate closes).  A hitch and wheels can also be added to the 16' live trap so that it can be pulled like a trailer.


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