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Horse Stalls and Panels for Standard and Miniature Horses


Horse Stalls in Standard Sizes or for Miniature Horses

     Standard size horse stalls can be manufactured with vertical bar, horizontal bar, 2x4 wire or 4x4 wire grills and even for entire  sides and fronts.  Kick plates can be added from sheet metal or channels added for material such as lumber,  plywood or poly board.  Stall panels and fronts can be designed in various lengths and heights; more typical sizes for these stalls are 7' height and 10', 12' or 14' long. Doors can roll or swing open.  Add-ons for these include swing out feeder doors,  bucket doors and feeders.  These stalls can set up with just the drop of pins.  Some miniature horse owners even use horizontal bar panels or 4x4 wire panels for their horses.  These are cost effective panel options for containing these horses.  Prices for the horizontal bar panels and 4x4 wire panel can be viewed on page 7 of the catalog or browse this price page below.  For these miniature horse stalls in specialty heights and sizes, please call us for pricing. Standard size horse stalls are priced on page 12. Information for round pen panels, corral panel and panels for arenas shown below.  Heavier gauge stalls and panels can be built for bulls and  cattle applications. Call or write for prices on the water gate panel.     

Round Pens, Corral Panels, Gates and Panels

     Equipment can be manufactured in different gauge for heavier or lighter duty use.  Finish on these can be galvanized, hot dip galvanized or powder coated. Panels can be built with kick plates for round pens, etc.  Prices for gates above on page 12.   Pricing for corral panels and gates on pages 14, 16 and 17.

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