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Working Chute Systems, Bucking Chutes

Goat Master Working Chutes and Scale Systems
(Scroll below Goat Master Working Chute Price Sheet
for prices for Calf Roping Chutes and Bucking Chutes)

      Some pictures of our Goat Master Working Chutes.  Please see our catalog  or call for more options.  There is an assortment of products that can be added to the Goat Master to enhance its use. We have sweep tubs, panels, drop panels,  sort gates, swing gates for ease of handling livestock in our working chute  systems.  Pictured below our working systems are our Scale Cages. Scales can fit in the scale cage or in the bottom of the Goat Master.  The scales can weigh  up to 660lb. animal and have been used for pigs, sheep, goats and more. Prices for the Goat Master Working Chute and Scale and Scale Cage shown on  page 3 or scroll down to view this page.


Bucking Chutes and Roping Chute Systems

     Many custom quality options with both these Bucking Chutes and Roping Chutes. Pictures above show many of our options.  Prices for these Chute Systems on page 12.


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