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Excercise Chariots and Fitting Stands

Excercise Chariots and Fitting Stands

     Chariots available with 4, 3 or 2 head rail.  Hitch is reversible so that the lambs or wethers can walk on the ground on all fours or have front two feet elevated on a platform.  Chariot head pieces are adjustable for small to large wethers or does.  Custom color choices for this product and prices can be viewed on page 10 or scroll below to view these prices.  

     Fitting Stands/Blocking Stands come with two separate head pieces.  The one head piece makes it easier to tatoo the sheep or goat and trim  around the neck.  The second head piece is used as a dairy stanchion or for trimming those show goats around their head and faces.  We include a T bar side rail to help prevent stock from stepping off the off side on these blocking stands.  These fitting stands legs fold down for easy transport or storage.  Head pieces are adjustable and the t bar is transferrable from side to side.  Ramps, wheels and bucket holders can be added to these.  We have color choices for
this product.  Prices for the Chariots and Fitting Stands can be viewed on page 10 or scroll below to view this page.

     The Goat Butler has a unique scissor lift system that raises goats to easy working heights.  It is on wheels to dolly stock at shows or to transport the Butler easily.  It has a panel that transfers from side to side to keep those big bucks from  stepping off that off side.  Prices for "The Goat Butler" can be viewed on page 3 or scroll below to view this page.

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