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Hay and Grain Feeders

Feeders for Hay and Grain including the EZ Feeder Panels

We carry an assortment of hay and grain feeders.  We can also bring in custom size hay racks.  We do have wall mount hay racks not pictured and other designs of cradle style round bale feeders not listed in our catalog.  We also can order in a double sided full grain feeder besides the single sided, custom sized EZ feeder troughs and panels and gates to accommodate these styles of feeders such as the one pictured bottom right of the above set of pictures. Creep feeders can be built for cattle/calves or sheep or goats. EZ feeder panels come in many different sizes with gates or without.  They can be built with hay racks or without. EZ feeders are a great option for building walk through feeders. If you are tired of being trampled by goats when you carry a bucket of feed in during feeding time, the EZ feeder panel  is the feeder of choice. Panel access flap latches down until grain has been poured too keep livestock back and out of the way. Prices for these items on pages below or call/email for custom options.

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